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Adobe Lightroom Mobile For PC

In the past, there was no way to modify any photo, when a photographer makes any faults while clicking an image. But, at present, there are a large number of image editing applications, by means of which one can easily alter the mistakes and faults of any picture.

Among all those applications in the market, Adobe Lightroom Mobile is regarded as the best and also the most suitable application to edit photos. Various features, which make this app different from the other ones, are the storage, the editing elements, and so on.

Adobe Lightroom Mobile With Its Interesting Qualities:

The primary feature of this Adobe Lightroom Mobile app, which may be mentioned first, is the editing feature. Some other photo editing apps are seen to add up the file formats such as JPEG, Tiff, and so on for editing works. However, Adobe Lightroom Mobile app is a wonderful advantage to any photographer who wants to make modifications and changes in their RAW pictures.

The obvious reason behind it is that the software is able to add up huge file formats as the RAW pictures and for this reason, there is no need to compress or transform the RAW file to the JPEG file prior to feeding it to program.

Some of the options can assist in a more improved editing of the pictures for example temperature, level of exposure, tint, contrast, shadows, clearness, saturation, highlights, sharpness, and many more.

In addition to this, this application helps the user to view the original picture and also the edited picture in different slides in order, that the difference between the two can be appropriately found out. There are also other options such as Rough Draft now or also Final Draft now, to save the images at various levels.

Storage is another feature where the app Adobe Lightroom Mobile in fact stands out with nearly 20GB of cloud storage. After installing the app on any system, it will show an option to an update, which will sync all of the pictures from the system with the app.

In this way Adobe will be able to upload these photos in the cloud storage for future purpose. All the uploaded photos can be seen in the Preview, from which one can select the image, which is to be edited. Moreover, there is a facility of choosing a picture from the online sites.

Install Adobe Lightroom Mobile On PC:

  • To get Adobe Lightroom Mobilefor PC, there is a need of the best Android emulator like Bluestacks. If this emulator is not in your computer, you should download it from here.
  • Then open this Bluestacks and look for the app Adobe Lightroom Mobile by means of search tool, seen on the top portion of its homepage.
  • Hit on the button to install. The app will then automatically download in the system.
  • When the application has been placed on the PC, visit- My Apps- present in the Bluestacks homepage.
  • Icon for this app will be seen in the My Apps.
  • Then hit on the icon to run Adobe Lightroom Mobile on PC.

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